Some testimonials from clients of Jan Valdinger

Change Partnership, Czech and Slovak Republics

Jan helped direct my efforts and energy towards fulfilling my long-term goals. He challenged almost every assumption I made during our coaching sessions and with his trademark – very dry humour – led me to want to do whatever was the right thing to do. He helped me learn to focus on what is important rather than urgent, to effectively delegate to my team and better use my time, and – most importantly – to manage upwards, not merely downwards. I became far more effective in listening, negotiating and influencing, all the skills necessary to successfully manage change in the sometimes hostile environment of a large public organisation. From our repeat cooperation, I gained the confidence to stand firm behind my goals, and developed ways to juggle my urgent daily routine with important longer-term projects that were important to me. Jan is a superb coach, a nice person, a challenging and entertaining companion – and I certainly recommend working with him to anyone. It never hurts to set a high benchmark for any future coaches.

Marek Petruš, Chancellor, Czech National Bank 


“As someone who – from my professional experience – is able to properly benchmark coaches, I can state that Jan Valdinger is the most effective coach I have met. He is somewhat different, in the sense that he is really challenging your perceptions and beliefs. So his understanding of coaching is not a passive but a more active one. He helped me tremendously in defining my own targets and gave very practical and pragmatic advice, which was by far more helpful than generic statements.”

A Managing Partner, (German) with responsibilities in Czech/Slovak Republics and high level business activities elsewhere, on behalf of an internationally known professional services firm.


“For the past 7 years, I have been the CEO of PrintSoft a.s. in the Czech and Slovak Republics, the market leader in its field. During this time, the company was taken over by Australian post. Becoming part of a global group brought me a number of testing new opportunities and issues to face.”

“My coaching with Jan Valdinger started one year ago, a fairly short period in a professional career. He systematically guides me to change many of my habits and makes me plan more strategically, which seems to me to be one of the most important benefits of Jan’s coaching. I believe I have now more truthful picture about myself, my possibilities and future plans.”

“His coaching also brings priceless benefit of my developing an independent judgment of own skills and improvements, which other methods do not sufficiently provide.”

“Having a coach has not only long-term benefits. I found it equally useful to have the possibility to discuss actual issues and have independent opinion about my key decisions. Jan, with his wide experience in the international management, always gives me good advice and often pushes me to achieve something which I would not have taken the plunge to do without having his input.”

“Coaching itself is not effective. The right coach seems to me the most important issue. I have been lucky to meet Jan.”

Zbyněk Zbořil, (Czech) CEO, PrintSoft CZ, SK


“I met Jan Valdinger of Change Partnership on a flight from London to Prague and we discussed how my business life should in no way impact my Golf Handicap. It struck an immediate note, and then I discovered Jan was a business coach.”

“My time working with Jan Valdinger has enabled me to formalize some periods of reflection (previously never considered) and an in-depth analysis of my leadership style and handling of a diverse and culturally challenging team in a family business that I had the very great fortune to inherit from my Father. Before meeting Jan, I may not have said these words given the management issues I faced, but my time with him has been invaluable for so many reasons, none more so than being far more content and fulfilled with my working life than previously. Just ask my wife!”

James N B Bovill BA (Hons) (British) Managing Director, Dawcul plc


“My coaching experience with Jan Valdinger made a significant impact on both business and personal sides of my life.”

“On the business side I enjoyed and benefitted from Jan’s style. I was introduced to new concepts, which I was subsequently encouraged to test and then employ in my day to day business routine. I found this to be an effective way of learning and an efficient way of making mistakes. Jan seemed to have a knack for knowing when to ask the difficult questions! I encouraged this approach and am grateful for his probing manner.”

“Jan also provided a very good sounding board on which to test new ideas and his own concepts. I found this to be a valuable “testing ground” for new ways of doing business; I could make the mistakes in a sterile environment and refine my tactics to get it right first time when used for real.”

“On the personal level I enjoyed analysing my strengths and weaknesses and felt this has enabled me to be more objective. For me the coaching experience was a valuable and enjoyable experience and one that has enabled me to be more effective in both my business and personal life. In addition I found Jan to be great company – there was never a dull moment!!”

Johnny Dunford (British) Managing Director DTZ Czech and Slovak Republics