We work with wide number of Czech and international lecturers/coaches and our training programmes are prepared and executed in Czech and English languages. Programmes are prepared for a broad range of managerial, non-managerial and technical spheres. We recommend the lecturer based on the defined topic, participants’ background and focus of the respective company. We put emphasis on the lecturers experience and their ability to interconnect theory with their own practical experience.

In our programmes we use interactive training methods, group discussions, case studies, role-playing, coaching and consulting. The majority of trainings focus on soft skills supported by video help.

We consider it essential that the respective lecturer/coach will meet with the client representative prior to the training to get know each other and harmonize the ideas. We prefer to conduct the meeting at client’s premises as the lecturer can get acquainted with the company environment which is an important aspect to develop understanding of the company culture and atmosphere. If, during this acquaintance process, the suggested lecturer does not entirely meet client´s expectations and specific needs ,we will fine tune the specific education programme or present alternative lecturers as required.