What we do for our clients

Our role is to help people fulfil their talents; and to become what they want to be, in a way which benefits not only themselves, but also their companies, their colleagues and their families.

We have wide ranging experience, endorsed by positive references, in both coaching and management education to achieve this.


Our coaching work is largely done on a one-to-one basis with senior executives. Whilst the topics are those which the client chooses, the process frequently unearths topics which the client has not anticipated. These might be the achievement of goals which the client has felt to be beyond his/her capability. Or, to coin a phrase to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones. At the same time, the process can build self-awareness with the discovery of habits which get in the way. Once discovered, work is done on reducing or eliminating such habits with the goal of making the changes permanent.

The results of much of our work will be visible to all concerned including the achievement of business objectives; greater productivity; employee and customer satisfaction; less destructive conflict; levels of respect; the skills to influence; the development of authentic leadership; and a constructive political environment, to name but a few.

Some results will be less visible but no less strongly felt and appreciated by the clients personally.

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Management Education

Soft and Professional Skills/Programs

Why education and development from Change Partnership

  • Training program are adjusted to your needs
  • Programs are tailor-made for different management levels
  • We possess long-term experience in business and management education
  • Professional approach is a must
  • Programs have been designed and sucessfully executed for number of companies
  • Educational programs can be provided in Czech and/or English languages

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